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SO, SIX DAYS a week is not enough time for drinkers in Grovetown to buy their booze? Looks to me like barroom politics. I guess there are some that like to worship the bottle on Sunday. Must be two kinds of “spirits.”


THE NBA IS BACK: Now we have mindless drivel and mindless dribble on TV.


OUR HOSPITALS BRAG about being smoke free. They should also be fragrance free. People don’t know their condition when they go into a hospital.




BIG RAVES TO George for coming back to WJBF to give us an accurate weather report. Thank you.


PUBLIC TRANSIT allows ASU students and faculty to ride the bus for free with proper ID. Why not let MCG, Paine and Augusta Tech students and faculty ride free also?


A BIG RAVE TO Brickles Cleaners on Washington Road for their sign wishing everybody a Merry Christmas and God Bless You. Thank you for showing that you are a Christian operation and for having the guts to go against the trends to not say Merry Christmas.


RAVES TO THE Fields family on Warren Road. They have their entire house, garage and yard decorated with lights and it is in sync to the radio. They also have a blue star with T31 in honor of the officer’s death. A very Merry Christmas to all!


IF YOU THINK the Christmas decorations downtown look terrible, make a trip to Harlem. The tree in front of City Hall looks like it has been caught on fire, put out and redecorated.


A RANT TO candidates and incumbents who continue to rely on negative campaigns while minimizing the issues and the media that encourages this practice.


FIREFIGHTERS GOT a raise. Why not the police? They put their lives on the line every day. They have not gotten a raise in over seven years.


THE DEDUCTIBLE for Social Security next year is $140. So where is our raise? They give it and they take it away.



Sat, 11/25/2017 - 00:06

Rants and raves