Rants & Raves

TO THE PERSON who found my brother’s wallet at Walmart in North Augusta. I hope on Christmas Day your heart weighs heavy knowing you stole his grandkid’s Christmas Day.


There was close to $1,000 in his wallet.

If only you had done the right thing, you both could enjoy Christmas Day. My brother would have rewarded you with a couple of hundred dollars. But instead, his grandson will never forget this trip to Walmart.


MY WIFE AND I went to do a little shopping in North Augusta and had lunch at the Firehouse Sub restaurant. When we left, my wife stumbled on the curb outside and fell. I would like to express my deepest gratitude to the nice lady who came by to help, and also the two fine young men who assisted me. Their sincerity and desire to help made our day.

Yes, times like this we sometimes don’t get the names of such nice people but you know who you are and we are here to wish you and yours the best of this and every holiday season. She broke her wrist and her feelings were hurt, but she will be fine. Folks like you will not be forgotten. Thank you.


WHILE OCCUPY WALL Street was a silly idea supported by the communistic members of the current regime, Occupy Congress is a great idea, and next November we get to send conservatives to take over the offices of those who support the socialistic leanings of the majority of Democrats in D.C.


BIG RAVE FOR MCG. Thanks for all you’ve done for our son. The doctors, the nurses, the surgeons are the greatest. Please let them have a good Christmas this year.


THANKS TO THE lady behind me who paid for my groceries at the Publix in Evans. She really knew how to help me. Thank you.


A BIG RAVE TO all the people who donate money to animals in need. God bless you, and I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas.


TO SAVE MONEY for the post office, one thing they should do is cut out the mail delivered to homes on Saturday. Those bills can wait for one more day.