Empty Stocking Fund donors list

Previously acknowledged: $19,952.40



In memory of Barbara C. Blissit from Mr. and Mrs. James A. Blissit $100

“In memory of my brother, Dewey F Terry” $50

In loving memory of Kristen Weber Glenn $100

Bob and Mary Gail Nesbit $100

Jim and Betty Murry $50

In honor of our granddaughter “Gracie” Faircloth , Love Nini and Papa $100

George and Barbara Rozelle $35

In memory of Elaine and Lavern Hays, Roy E. Brinkley and Ralph Flegal $200

“L.B. and me” $75

Dorothy and Luther Hall $25

In loving memory of J. Robert Scott $50

Eldon and Beatrice Ensz $25

Given in loving memory of my husband Norm $25

Richard and Denise Cadle $25

Billy, Lily, Brenton and Ellie $100

In memory of Owen Smitherman $100

Elizabeth Blanchard $100

Bellmina Watton $25

In loving memories to my 2 spouses and 2 sons, Gerda Jernigan Romines $50

In memory of my parents and brother $100

Robert and Wendy Scopa $20

In memory of our (Papa Santa) $25

John and Janice McDonald Jr. $100

Albert and Lina Vosefski $20

In loving memory of Nancy H. Farr from Peggy and Gene Floyd $50

Paige Semple $100

Martha and Gene Tanner $100

Kevin Winters $50

David and Jacquelyn Hogan $100

Bob and Joyce Duggar $100

Blessing to all..... Seth Benson $100

David and Kathleen Hunter $25

In loving memory of J.D. from Mom and Dad $100

In memory of Bob Richards by his family $100

David and Shirley Schulte $100

Sergio and Roxann Bustos $75

“In memory of our loved ones” from Jack and Pam Holt $25

Carroll Ellis $15

Dorothy Goodwin $20

In memory of parents Joe C. and Virginia G. Keller and Son Grant $150

Anonymous $25

Anonymous $100

Paul Dunbar $100

Women’s Health of Augusta, P.C. $250

Ron and Carolyn Snider $25

Anonymous $1

William and Marion Melson $35

David and Barbara Beavers $50

William Ekre $100

In honor of granddaughter Ellie $25

Tokiko Altee $10

13 Wonderful grandchildren $850

Total today: $4,381.00

Total this year: $24,333.40