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ANY AMERICAN WHO travels to a foreign country and causes violence or damage should be held accountable for their actions. Just like they are here ... toss them prison!



NOTHING AGAINST the Chinese. I have approximately 50 percent of small items in my house that came from China. Why can’t the U.S. make it? You save a job, save a buck and contribute to the economy.


I KNOW OLDER and other folks have a loss of control of body fluids, but they need to wear pads or even diapers as necessary. No excuse can permit someone to just leak and walk away and leave that mess. Plus, other people can be contaminated with something contagious.


A COURTHOUSE and highway are quite fitting, considering the many, many ways Judge John Ruffin Jr. has moved and shaken civil rights for decades. In fact, I hope the African-American Historical Society or whatever group that puts on those monuments along Laney-Walker Boulevard, would consider making sure there is one for him soon.


I WALKED AWAY from the newsstand Thanksgiving, seeing the paper would cost $3. Someone tell me what I missed.


IN THE 1920S and ’30s a man named Keynes invented an absurd argument for socialists to use to persuade people that socialism works, even though throughout history socialism has never worked (except to help dictators become dictators). It’s called Keynesian economics and it teaches that spending is good – even when you have nothing to spend. Nowadays, most young folks have been brainwashed with this destructive idiocy by corrupt and stupid schools and politicians.


THANK GOD THE editorial about giving thanks mentioned the thanks go to God and not to other people. Alas, a story about psychologists claims giving thanks to humans is what’s important and it never mentions God. Where are we headed?


BOTH POLITICAL PARTIES wish to appeal to Hispanics, so career politicians like Newt Gingrich come out for giving amnesty (he calls it something else) to people who have broken our immigration laws for decades. Surely, the legal immigrants are sick and tired of hearing about helping people who didn’t pay.



Thu, 11/23/2017 - 17:28

Rants and raves