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SINCE OBAMA HAS brought our country to its knees, might I suggest we start praying?

THE ARMY WILL spend $23.5 million to “design” (not to construct) two Army barracks at Fort Gordon, i.e. taxpayers will spend $12 million to draw some plans for a single large hut. That’s gross waste – and obvious corruption – by the military, yet politicians claim the military can’t afford to cut their spending or we’ll lose a battle. Rubbish! ALL of government is so big, we keep sinking, and every government official who fails to fight tooth and nail against this corruption is, himself, a corrupt failure and needs replacing.

GINGRICH WANTS the federal government to fire school janitors and hire students to clean. Since the federal government has no constitutional authority to meddle with schools (a restriction ignored by politicians), why is Gingrich essentially siding with Obama in this federal power grab?

IF AN ADMINISTRATOR is doing a passable job, how can over a million dollars just “turn up” from a budget a year in the past? Fred Russell claims he has the right to spend that suddenly-found money rather than NOT spending it and giving it back to taxpayers?

I WOULD LIKE TO give a BIG rave to the staff at MCG Radiation Therapy Center. I was blessed to have some of the most compassionate, caring and professional people you can meet, especially if you have cancer.

A RANT TO THE people using the library who have forgotten common courtesy. When you bring your kids to the library, teach them to be quiet and practice courtesy. Do not let them put out high pitched screams continually or yell “Mommy come here” at the top of their voices. It’s a library; people are trying to read and concentrate.

THANK GOD FOR THE special person who found my Discover credit card and turned it in to the wonderful Publix folks, who then returned it to me! Merry Christmas!

TO THE YANKEE curious about “lazy” Southern drivers: We instinctively know when you’re behind our vehicles, and we know how easily irritated y’all get over the smallest stuff. Y’all just look so funny when you’re mad!

CERTAINLY WAS NOT a shock that the “Super Committee” could not reach an agreement. Just another wasted expense and failed idea.



Thu, 11/23/2017 - 17:28

Rants and raves