Rants & Raves

SINCE I HAVE BEEN a subscriber to The Chron­icle for 21 years, I have seen a lot of changes. Now it’s a “skinny” paper; even the inserts are wider than the only local paper. But please, make the crossword puzzle clues large enough to read! I do not understand “CAPTCHA” and I am not an alien visitor to this world.



OCCUPIERS DON’T EVEN know who the real 1 percent is. This is a solid, left-wing, communist, socialist and anti-Semitic movement that is only looking for a handout by working, taxpaying individuals.


THANK YOU TO the two young ladies who picked me up after I fell at the dinner theater at Fort Gordon.


APPEARS WE HAVE an “Occupy The Chronicle” group writing in to tell us what the American people think. Sorry, but most Americans know that businesses create jobs, not governments.


A COMPANY CALLED Pliant Corp. (Berry Plastics Corp.?) fired a guy who didn’t want to wear a “666” sticker for religious reasons. The fired guy is a Christian. If he’d been fired for Mus­lim reasons, the government would have been up in arms. Leaders continue to grow more anti-Christian by the day.


SAM STEPLIGHT cruelly murdered an old, partly paralyzed woman and got convicted. Judge Annis even called it a “horrible, horrible crime,” but he didn’t sentence Steplight to death. He sentenced him to life. That means Steplight will go right on living and taxpayers will feed, house and clothe this murderer.


WE CANNOT LAY OFF any police officers. We need all of these committed individuals here, especially in Richmond County. Make a law on no cell phones while driving, then you will get your money. Charge $500 if caught using your cell phone while driving. That might help with the budget. Also, impound vehicles with no insurance. If they don’t pay, auction the vehicles off. Stop laying off workers we need. Think defensively.


THIS IS FOR THE inconsiderate person who hit my cat on Wagener Road in Aiken. You didn’t stop and move her out of the road, much less see if she was still alive. ... How would you feel if someone had done that to your animals? She was my baby, and you just left her in the road like she was nothing. What is wrong with you? You couldn’t even have the courtesy to knock on someone’s door.



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Rants and raves