Rants & Raves

TO THE MALE pedestrian along Highway 56/Old Waynesboro Road area. Deliberately stepping into the path of a large oncoming large truck is not a joke. Based on your stare down you didn’t care if the driver would be able to steer around you. Seek help now, please.



THE GOVERNMENT keeps horning in to make things worse. American Airlines kept a planeload of passengers stuck on the ground for several hours and now they’ve been fined $900,000. The free market will square them away better than government can, since people will just stop flying American. But the government has to horn in ’cause that’s what communist governments do.


THE CITY OF AUGUSTA needs to install a left-turn signal on Laney-Walker Boulevard at 12th Street. That intersection is access to two of the three best schools in Richmond County (some of the best in state even!) – A.R. Johnson & C.T. Walker – and it is ridiculously difficult to turn left in the mornings with the amount of traffic that travels through that intersection. Show some appreciation for the hard work the students do and for the parents who get them there and then back home every day by making the process simpler for everyone who goes through that intersection.


I AM A TWICE-WIDOWED military spouse and mother of six that drove 200 miles to Augusta for an Augusta Warrior Project-sponsored military surviving family event at Fort Gordon. While in Augusta, my van broke down. A big rave to Gerald Jones Honda, Rick’s Paint and Body, and Baymont Inn and Suites for rescuing my family. Thank you, Augusta.


RANT TO THE AUGUSTA CHRONICLE. Small content begets small newspaper.


I WOULD LIKE TO rant about the drivers who insist on running yellow and red traffic lights. It is not worth risking life, limb and liberty to run a light to get into Walmart. Nobody wants to get injured, or injure anyone else, regardless of who is at fault!

If you were a witness to the near “T-bone” but for the Grace of God at the Walmart in Evans on Nov. 15 at or about 3:30 p.m. between the little red car heading west and the little dark car running the red to turn across traffic into Walmart, please call the Columbia County Sheriff’s Department to report what you saw. I would like to know there are a few helpful people out there in Columbia County.



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