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IN THIS ECONOMY many stores just don’t appreciate their customers. I wonder if their managers know about this. They should have a talk with their workers.


I AM A 74-YEAR-OLD retired Korean and Vietnam Army veteran. I sincerely appreciate all respect and recognition the CSRA and other areas give to our veterans on Veterans Day. However, I cannot understand why Richmond County schools closed for the holiday considering their very low academic performance. I notice all other local area schools were open.


MAYBE NOW ALL those millions who had nothing better to do than live and breathe the Jackson trial can accomplish something in their lives. Way too many people seemingly had nothing better to do.


LINDSAY LOHAN spent four hours in jail and walked out with the same old smirk on her face. Why do they even bother with all this? She is obviously winning.


I’M NOT A BIG FAN of Dancing with the Stars, but if J.R. doesn’t win that trophy, that will be a riot. Anybody who would eliminate that hero is a zero. J.R. is the man.


OBAMA NEEDS TO step down. Why do we have troops in Australia? This is ridiculous.


THE RICHMOND COUNTY Neighbors is full of foreclosures, which is unfair because of the economy, but they took out all of the crimes and divorces. We need to know what is going on in Augusta beside the people who are losing their homes.


IF THE GOVERNMENT would quit sending out checks for subsidies that were not earned, we’d be in better shape. People don’t pay taxes, but they get food stamps and more.


THE OFFICIAL scientific name of mankind is homo sapiens which means man the wise, but are we actually homo stupidus because the world is standing around and watching Iran create a nuclear weapon and the capacity to deliver it. They are even stating their intentions to use it against Israel and even the U.S., but we aren’t doing anything about it. How smart is the human race?


EVERYONE HAS moments when their mind goes blank or they get confused or forgetful. So why does the media have a field day when this happens to a Republican candidate yet the media almost ignores when Obama makes a blunder?



Fri, 01/19/2018 - 21:23

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