Rants & Raves

IT’S SIMPLE: Cut spending, cut taxes, cut government size. What kind of people are too blind, or corrupt, to see that? Communists, among others.


RICHMOND’S EDUCATION board finance committee approved a bid of roughly $1,200 per camera for 80 school bus security cameras. Only a modern political bunch can spend $1,200 for a camera.

THOSE PUSHING FOR legalizing what isn’t legal claim the illegals are “perfectly qualified students.” If they are inside the U.S. illegally, they are NOT “qualified,” and certainly are not “perfect.”

I’M CURIOUS AS to how Sou­therners became so lazy they can’t even flick a finger to use their turn signals.

JOE BOWLES SHOULD be congratulated for calling Lockett’s “forensic” investigations into many county departments “comical.”

TO THE PERSON ranting about “educators” not doing enough educating in regard to the fourth- and eighth-grader test scores: Education begins at home. It is a parent’s job to help educate a child as much as the teachers. They are not miracle workers.

RANT TO ALL of you who tailgate. I always try to go the speed limit but usually have to go a little faster trying to keep the people off my bumper (which usually does not help). Just so you will know, when you ride my bumper, I get nervous, and when I get nervous I slow down to a snail’s pace. So if you are in such a hurry, I suggest that you stay a reasonable distance back.

A RAVE (AND PRAISE!) to God for the breathtaking leaves this fall – “only God can make a tree.”

RAVES TO THE many caring area teachers, bus drivers, kitchen workers, custodians, maintenance persons and other school personnel who work hard every day against great odds to provide our kids first-rate opportunities to prepare for adulthood.

NBA PLAYERS ARE ready to walk out. Let ’em.

A RANT TO THE disgusting person that left the baby wipe and used diaper in front of my house after being at a yard sale. I am not your parent; you are now a parent; please clean up after yourself and your baby.

WAY TO GO, HANK JR.! The crowd went wild when Hank Jr. appeared on stage at the CMA Awards. That should tell you something.



Wed, 01/17/2018 - 23:14

Rants and raves