Rants & Raves

WHY WON’T The Augusta Chronicle consider making the Word Salsa and the Scrabble bigger so seniors like me would be able to read it?


NCAA BASKETBALL: Finally something good to watch on TV!

IT IS TIME FOR the principals of the underperforming high schools in Richmond County to stop threatening their faculty with dismissal. It is time for the principals to lead and not to dictate.

WHY IS THE news media still covering the circus formerly known as Occupy Wall Street?

IN RESPONSE TO the gun hypocrisy rant: The problem isn’t the guns but the lack of parental supervision and responsibility. I grew up with guns and was taught the proper way to handle them and myself. Stop blaming the guns. It’s the parents!!!

THE TWO DUMPSTERS near the Peach Orchard Post office branch continue to put off a really atrocious scent. It’s a shame that south Augusta has no voice anymore in the community since the days of Mayor Sconyers. It’s a sad day. No wonder we have lost so many good residents.

WHAT WILL IT TAKE for the Family Y to get some security?

MR. CAIN, it looks like the people are out to get you. My husband and I thought about voting for you, but we feel sorry for you. We think the best thing for you and your family is to go home and sit on the porch. You don’t need all this aggravation.

TO THE PERSON who found my $45 in the Walmart in North Augusta, I wish you had been honest enough to turn it in to the service desk. Maybe if you read this, you will do the right thing and turn in my money.

I’M SUPPORTIVE OF Cain. These women that have come forward are bogus. Where are Sharpton and Jackson on this?

ARE THEY GOING to build another What-A-Burger on Broad Street or anywhere? I really enjoyed it.

ONE CAN ONLY question the intelligence, moral compass and sanity of anyone who will vilify someone of Herman Cain’s caliber (i.e., a man with a work ethic, common sense and a valid birth certificate), yet willingly follow and glorify an individual with ambiguous, questionable beliefs and a totally mysterious background, who seems to be hell-bent on destroying a great nation. I don’t get it.

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