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GEORGIA GOVERNMENT now estimates the HOPE scholarship’s fund “…is on track to run out of money…” might go broke, so lawmakers changed the rules. Remember when this casino numbers racket was sold to Georgia voters? We were assured the house never loses, so it would run indefinitely. Just one more giant, zillion-dollar lie from politicians.

LET ME TRY TO understand this: The women accusing Herman Cain of sexual harassment were paid to keep quiet. Now they are being paid to speak out. Seems to me that these women will say anything for money.

A BIG RANT TO THE gray SUV on Mike Padgett Highway with the “EDUCATOR” license tag. Please put your toddler in an approved carrier or at least buckle the poor child up. And you are an “educator”?

A RANTER CALLS patriotic Americans “hypocrites” for teaching their kids self-discipline about things like guns. A sensible parent teaches his 11-year-olds to respect guns and play by civilized rules. Check the parents of the kids involved in gun crimes and you’ll see the parents were never taught self-discipline either.

PLEASE TELL ME THAT this year the downtown parade committee is going to get a backbone and tell those participants who dress and dance provocatively that if they can’t perform modestly and respectfully, they can’t be a part of the parade. It’s way past time and their parents should be ashamed for letting it happen, too.

THIS IS A RANT about Columbia County not doing anything about roadside memorials that are going out of hand, like the one on Wheeler Road. It has been there for over a year. A small little cross would be sufficient, but the relatives keep on replacing crosses and wreaths with even larger items. Are we having a Christmas tree in the ditch again this year? Please be mindful of the rest of the world who has to drive by there every day.

THE 2010 CENSUS indicates that the wealth gap between younger and older Americans is the largest it has ever been. The reason is because the work ethic gap between younger and older Americans is the largest it has ever been.

A RANT TO our government for spending thousands of dollars on a Christmas tree … and people are going without heat and food and nowhere else to live … but that is government – our politicians.


Thu, 07/27/2017 - 23:04

Rants and raves