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THE AMERICAN PEOPLE are rejecting the tea party Republican agenda that puts tax breaks for the wealthiest people in our country ahead of creating jobs.


I THINK PAYING FOR online service should be free for those of us that already subscribe to the paper seven days a week. That should be a service available to those of use that are already paying.


OUR FOREFATHERS knew that it’s hard for a prisoner to attack somebody when he’s worn out from daily hard labor on a chain gang. But our elected leaders and our courts do not read history.


LORI DAVIS SAYS Harrisburg’s crime problem is largely from “panhandlers, prostitutes and drug dealers.” Yet for some bizarre reason, nobody in authority in Augusta even whispers the term “beat cops,” i.e., tough cops who walk certain beats every day with the authority to evict and arrest “panhandlers, prostitutes and drug dealers.”


IN THIS ECONOMY, many of the stores just don’t appreciate their customers. I wonder if their managers know about this. They should have talk with their workers.


IT IS TIME FOR Commissioners J.R. Hatney, Alvin Mason, and Corey Johnson to stop acting like petulant little children and to provide some leadership for their constituents.


AUGUSTA AND HARLEM got federal housing grants. One will spend $1.4 million for 12 two-bedroom units; the other will send $800,000 for eight one-bedroom units. Isn’t that about half a million dollars per bedroom and $100,000 per bedroom? The federal government has no duty or authority to spend tax dollars on bedrooms and these prices clearly imply corruption. f one bedroom really costs $25,000, who’s pocketing the remaining $75,000? And the remaining $450,000?


FIRST NEWT GINGRICH condemns Bill Clinton for having an affair while doing the same thing with his first of many wives. Now, after condemning Freddie Mac for the economic collapse, it turns out this man was paid $1.2 million dollars by the housing lender.


A RAVE TO THOSE Richmond County school system teachers and other staffers who work hard every day to help Richmond County kids prepare for adulthood.

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