Rants & Raves

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A RAVE FOR THE lady who works in the paint department at the Depot in Aiken. She was very nice, helpful and kind. She went out of her way to help me.

ALL OF THESE PEOPLE on food stamps and welfare ought to be drug tested. If they are found with drugs in their system, cut them off.

WALMART NEEDS to watch out. Here comes Costco.

THE WAFFLE HOUSE on Peach Orchard Road needs to ban baggy pants. You ought to have a family-oriented restaurant. You can’t have that with people with their britches down to their you-know-what.

TO THE SMOKERS in Augusta who are protesting the possible law of no smoking in public places: There are entire states with this law already in effect: Arizona, California, Maryland, New York and Ohio, to name a few; there are more. You better pray this law doesn’t go statewide.

ANIMAL OWNERS need to be aware of any foods, meds, treats, hygiene products and other items that they purchase. I recently purchased a product for promoting fresh breath and healthy gums for my doggy. The back of the package listed the ingredients, company and location of business which distributed the product and that the company was American-owned. Before opening the package I noticed in very small writing “Made in China.” The product was returned and I stated my views on the company’s Web site. Absolutely no way would I give this to my beloved pet. An example of a company located in the United States but their product made in another country. What a shame.

A RAVE FOR THE young woman who bought my husband and me breakfast on Oct. 26 at the VA Hospital on Wrightsboro Road. I just want to thank her for being so sweet.

TO THE MOTHER who said her child comes home from Glenn Hills Elementary School with a headache. I have kids who go there in second-, third- and fourth grade, and I volunteer. I have to talk to unruly kids on a daily basis.

I SAY THANK GOD for radio station WDRR-FM (93.9), which plays music instead of talk, talk, talk. I’m so sick of Billy Bob and all of the rest of those clowns who have nothing to do but spew putrid stuff for four hours every morning.



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