Rants & Raves

A RAVE FOR Ruthie at the Kroger on Wrightsboro Road. I am an extreme couponer in training. I have been in line a watched these people and know how aggravating it is to wait in line while these people do so many transactions to save. She was so patient and very helpful.


PARENTS WITH children in middle and high school. When your child was in elementary school you always came to have lunch with your child, help in the classroom, volunteered for field trips, class celebrations, and PTO. You were able to meet your child’s friends and their parents. Now that they are in the upper grades they still have these activities but you have stopped coming.
Of course having lunch is “not cool” but you can still volunteer for field trips and sign up for PTO. You should get to know who your child is in class with and get to know their parents. It shouldn’t stop when they turn 10.

TO THE LONE gentleman in the UPS uniform who stopped to check on me after I hit a deer in Evans, THANK YOU!

I truly appreciate you stopping and not only asking if I was hurt but ensuring that I had a working cell phone. It is rare these days to see people stop for others. God bless you for your kindness, your actions meant a lot to me.

TO THE PERSON Who wants to stop doing Halloween: Don’t let the thief get the best of you. Just only have the item out when you absolutely can keep an eye on it so that you and the little kids can still enjoy the fun.

SO TEENS ARE supposed to get to trick-or-treat at will? Let them do it under supervised and approved places only but kids are the ones that most people treat to candies and other things.

PLEASE DON‘T BE intimidated by the rants on the size of the newspaper. I have been reading The Chronicle for over 50 years, and I love it. It is just right; my arms don’t have to open as wide.

THE PHONY CAIN story allows the socialist media to grab attention by screaming “sex,” and at the same time fills headlines that could be filled with the real news of corruption in government.

THE U.S. AND world economies are in the ditch, so Obama spends another million dollars or so to fly to a posh vacation land. Notice none of Obama’s expensive trips – no other kind – are ever to a quiet basement where he can actually do some work.



Wed, 01/17/2018 - 22:29

Rants and raves