Faces of Survival: Angela Smith

Breast cancer survivor Angela Smith

Angela Smith knows she’s a workaholic, and it wasn’t until after she left her job last fall that she put her drive into taking care of herself rather than a career.


“I had found a lump,” said Smith, who was diagnosed with breast cancer on Dec. 3, 2015.

By the time she’d gotten it checked out, she had a 12-centimeter tumor, and Stage 4 cancer that had spread into her lungs.

Despite the diagnosis, Smith confronted cancer head-on. The military veteran said she was undaunted.

“When my doctor told me my diagnosis, I did not shed one tear. I knew that God was going to see me through this, and I would be healed,” she said.

She credits that faith and maintaining a positive attitude in helping her through her double mastectomy, 16 weeks of chemotherapy, and eight weeks of radiation. She’s still receiving treatment but recent scans show her lungs are clear. She plans to have reconstructive surgery.

Smith encourages people to be pro-active with their health.

She isn’t the only one in her family to have battled cancer. Her sister has fought cervical cancer over the past couple of years as well.

“It’s really important to get your tests done,” she said. “Get checked as soon as you can.”

And if those tests do come back positive for cancer, it’s not the end, she said.

“Staying positive helps with your healing,” she said. “A diagnosis is not a death sentence.”

Others have watched her journey and told her that she’s an inspiration to them.

“I like to post inspirational quotes,” she said. “Everyone has their own problems. They see me and my life, and I give them hope.”




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