UGA hedges on sale

For University of Georgia Bulldogs fans, the hedges that surround the field at Sanford Stadium in Athens are an enduring symbol of the school and its football program.


So, in 1995, when UGA loyalists attending the Auburn game were invited down to the field to get their own piece of the hedges before they were removed to accommodate soccer games during the 1996 Summer Olympics, alumnus George Garrison claimed his.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that Garrison took clippings from that host plant and propagated them. Now, nearly two decades later, Garrison has a huge inventory of hedge plants in different locations that he and fellow alum and co-founder Stephen Carreker have turned into a business.

The whimsical name: the Hedge Fun.

For $30 plus shipping and handling, Dawgs fans can order them at and get their own piece of the hedges in a pot. The product is officially licensed by the school through the Collegiate Licensing Corp.

“If you’re an Auburn fan, it’s just a privet,” said Garrison,63, now semi-retired and living in North Carolina after a career in the carpet business. “But if you’re a Georgia fan, it’s something special.”



Sun, 01/21/2018 - 20:23

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