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The employees at Wild Wing Cafe will arrive at work by 9:30 a.m. today – Super Bowl Sunday – to handle the demand for food.

“It’s all hands on deck. It’s definitely one of our busiest days,” said Anthony Adkins, manager at Wild Wing, 3035 Washington Road. “Of course, everybody eats chicken wings during the Super Bowl. We sell more chicken wings that day than we do any day of the year, outside of Masters Week.”

A recent Visa Inc. survey found that Americans holding Super Bowl parties this year plan to spend an average of $118 on food, beverages and other items.

The National Retail Federation reported a record number of Americans will spend about $11 billion celebrating the Super Bowl this year. The average game-watcher will spend $63.87 on related merchandise, apparel and snacks.

“We get reservations starting 10 to 14 days out. In terms of volume of business, it’s probably twice as busy as any other football game throughout the entire year,” said John Fiske, owner of Augusta sports bar Somewhere in Augusta on Washington Road.

About 5.1 million people will buy a new television for the Super Bowl, up from 4.5 million last year, according to the NRF.

Each year, retailers such as Rent-A-Center and Aaron’s rent TVs to businesses, churches and individuals for Super Bowl parties.

“We have some businesses that will rent a television and a living room set,” said Terrance Bivines, store manager at Rent-A-Center on 15th Street. The store usually has five to six rentals for its largest TV, which measures 73 inches. They can rent TVs for a few days for about $175, Bivines said.

TV rentals always pick up close to the weekend, said Christopher Bryant, customer accounts manager of Aaron’s on Georgetown Drive.

Aaron’s rents TVs for a minimum of four months, starting at $99 a month, he said.

TV sales have also been strong this year. “This time of year, our marketing is really based around that (Super Bowl),” said Gregory Martin, store manager at HHGregg.

Kroger sells lots of beer, wine, snacks, cheese and party trays and soft drinks for the Super Bowl, said Christian Brander, store manager at Kroger on Washington Road.

“The Super Bowl is really like a national holiday in the way it’s treated by the public and the way that people shop,” Brander said.


A recent Visa Inc. survey asked people how much they planned to spend on Super Bowl parties this year:


Men                        $123

Women                  $114

AGE                 SPENDING

18 to 24                  $122

25 to 34                  $117

35 to 49                  $149

50 to 64                  $96

Source: Visa Inc.


A survey by the Retail Advertising and Marketing Association asked Super Bowl fans what items they plan to buy for the big game:

ITEM                                                                     PERCENTAGE

Food and beverages                                                       71.3

Team apparel or accessories                                          8.6

Decorations                                                                      6.4

Furniture or new entertainment center                         2.4


Source: National Retail Federation


A person’s age affects how much he is influenced by Super Bowl ads, according to a survey by the Retail Advertising and Marketing Association.

AGE                   PCT. INFLUENCED

18 to 24                          14.3%

25 to 34                          10.4%

35 to 44                          10%

45 to 54                           7.2%

55 to 64                           6%


Source: National Retail Federation

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