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Jaqwon Tyree Baker, 14, of the 2000 block of Wharton Drive, felony counts of theft by taking motor vehicle and theft by receiving stolen property – motor vehicle, a misdemeanor count of obstruction of an officer and traffic counts of fleeing or attempting to elude a law enforcement officer, no driver’s license, failure to maintain lane and disregarding a stop sign; Sept. 16: eight months’ probation, 30 days in the Short Term Program – suspended – and ordered to pay a $150 supervision fee, pay a $70 fine, pay restitution to the victims and perform 20 hours of community service work

Tyara Shanel Belcher, 16, of the 2300 block of Harwick Road, felony counts of theft by taking and theft by taking motor vehicle and two misdemeanor counts of theft by shoplifting; Sept. 16: 12 months’ probation, 30 days in the Short Term Program and ordered to pay restitution to the victim and committed to the Department of Juvenile Justice

Nathaniel Donta Dennis, 17, of the 1900 block of Watkins Street, felony counts of aggravated assault, possession of a weapon during commission of certain crimes and entering an auto; Sept. 16: 12 months’ probation, 30 days in the Short Term Program and ordered to pay a $180 supervision fee, perform 40 hours of community service and have no contact with the victim or co-defendant

Everett Charles Mincer, 17, of the 3500 block of Pebble Creek Drive, first-degree arson; Sept. 16: committed to the Department of Juvenile Justice under the provisions of the Designated Felony Act to serve a minimum of 18 months and a maximum of 24 months in a Youth Development Center

Chase Qur’an Lawson, 15, of the 2400 block of St. Thomas Trail, Hephzibah, a misdemeanor count of possession of a pistol by a person under the age of 18; Sept. 21: 12 months’ probation and ordered to not be in possession of any weapons and participate in the Men Making a Difference program

Joaquin Lance Hogan, 17, of the 2300 block of Amsterdam Drive, felony counts of burglary and theft by taking – motor vehicle; Sept. 21: nine months’ probation, 30 days in the Short Term Program – suspended – and ordered to pay restitution to the victim

Quardez O’Keith Parks, 16, of the 2400 block of Southgate Drive, a misdemeanor count of theft by receiving; Sept. 23: committed to the Department of Juvenile Justice

Olajuwon Jamel Boyd, 15, of the 708 East Bullah Street, a felony count of violation of probation; Sept. 30: committed to the Department of Juvenile Justice





Christopher S. Little, 29, of Augusta, and Amy D. Geisen, 31, of North Augusta

Adam James Chapian, 20, of Fort Gordon, and Brittini Rae McDowell, 19, of Fort Polk, La.

Lee Alexander Atkins, 21, and Emilyn Louise Robinson, 20, both of Hephzibah


William Benjamin Barrs III, 29, of Appling, and Clare Therese Almeter, 25, of Augusta


Willie Antonio Bass, 27, and Ernestarria B. Daggett, 31, both of Augusta

James Lee Anderson, 22, of Apex, N.C., and Briana Danielle Williams, 21, of Fuquay Varina, N.C.

Carlos Ivan Davila Sancado, 25, and Kristianna Paige Gentry, 20, both of Saluda, S.C.

Michael Anthony England, 26, of Augusta, and Angela Eugenia Johnson, 32, of Grovetown

Daniel Mitchell Thompson, and Erica Elizabeth Mena, 21, both of Augusta

Geoffrey Lynn Cuebas, 39, and Holly Renae Pierson, 30, both of Augusta

Victor Hugo Aguilar, 33, Karina Maria Barrantes, 19, both of Graniteville

Joshua Martrell Olive, 23, of Augusta, and Celeste A. Brown, 27, of Hephzibah

Cedrick Wade Ramsey, 26, and Martine Lascherel Green, 29, both of Augusta


Kristopher A. Armstead, 30, and Ebony Montrice Harris, 30, both of Augusta

James Franklin Nash II, 25, and Chelsea Lynn Gould, 24, both of Augusta

Horace Herman Pollock Jr., 28, and Shawnell J. Curry, 23, both of Augusta

Joseph Ross Tolar, 58, and Vanpen Iding, 48, both of Augusta

Rayburn Scott Roberson, 42, and Tammy Lynn Hood Baker, 46, both of Hephzibah

Joseph Marion Davignon IV, 28, and Suzanne Michelle Moore, 31, both of Mount Pleasant, S.C.

Daimon Christian Olivas, 20, and Samantha Jo Jones, 20, both of Corona, Calif.

Ismael Marin Alavez, 29, and Rebecca Nicole Bonner, 24, both of Augusta


Connor Montgomery Copley, 18, and Rose Marie Connors, 19, both of Victorville, Calif.

Eric Maurice Blount, 30, and Nametris Lanell Norman, 28, both of Fort Mill, S.C.

Harold Lamar Shorter, 51, and Yvonne Louise Williams, 47, both of Hephzibah

Tyler Scott Vorse, 19, of Girard, Pa., and Stephanie Anne Watson, 23, of Fort Gordon

Tyrone Deandra Brown, 26, and Natasha Alexandria Arnold, 22, both of Grovetown

Mark David Thomason, 25, and Shannon Nannette Sweat, 31, both of Hephzibah

Femi M. Akindele, 63, and Olasimbo Mulikat Olanusi, 47, both of Martinez

Lester Chapman Scadding Jr., 40, and Jennifer Ann Allain, 35, both of Augusta

Dustin Jacob Snead, 30, and Gwendolyn Nicole Cuenin, 30, both of Augusta


Joshua John Rohr, 20, and Angela Michelle Wanders, 20, both of Augusta

Joshua Kyle Wayne Ralls, 20, of Mission Viejo, Calif., and Ashley Danielle Kiddle, 19, of Marine City, Mich.

Timothy Lamont Phillips, 35, and Cherry Renae Henry, 33, both of Hephzibah


Anthony Eugene Lay, 21, and Alexandria Ameshia Franklin, 19, both of Augusta

Derrick Alfonzo McClattie, 43, of Hephzibah, and Cassandra Renae Burke, 33, of Augusta


Ronald Robert Summers, 27, and Holly Kay Pryor, 33, both of Augusta

Lennon Coye Mackey, 42, and Shontel Hampton Nunnally, 39, both of Augusta

Stephen Douglas Berry, 45, of Athens, Ga., and Mariah Moran, 31, of Augusta

Christopher Durrell Jones, 24, of Vicksburg, Miss., and Danielle Monique Jordan, 21, of Grovetown

Larry Lemonscheu Jenkins, 27, and Tamesha lashavia King, 20, both of Augusta

Christopher Marcellus Morris, 35, and Tyronda Shamice Thompson, 26, both of Hephzibah


L’monte D. Robertson, 31, and Jessica Nicole Michel, 26, both of Augusta

Cory Jarel Lee, 22, and Shaneequa Le’Shay Griffin, 21, both of Augusta

John Florito Ramirez Sr., 48, and Melba David Ormsbee, 45, both of Augusta

Patrick Cade Syring, 22, of Fort Gordon, and Kathryn Marie Whittaker, 20, of Athens, Ga.

Robert Drake Carter, 23, of Grovetown, and Leslie Anne Eddie, 20, of Evans

Cary Levon Lee, 52, of Supply, N.C., and Alesia A. Rice, 46, of Hephzibah

Iraj Zantonieo O’Bryant, 20, and Jelyssia Kaydian Teshawna Morgan, 18, both of Augusta

Christopher Lee Weathersbee, 20, of North Augusta, and Jordan Nicole Carpenter, 19, of Augusta


Robert Desmond Golding, 23, of La Mirada, Calif., and Olivia Mi Oh, 22, of San Pedro, Calif.

Michael Wesley Fletcher, 44, and Quindella Tigeress Williams, 40, both of Washington, D.C.

Ryan Eugene Bakhiet, 25, and Arielle Nistasha Ernestine Perkins, 27, both of Augusta

James Anthony Brown, 37, and Tameka Shirelle Walker, 34, both of Graniteville

Srinivas Rao Vangala, 38, and Lisa Ward Davis, 40, both of Hephzibah


Ryan Edward Johnson, 39, and Tara Marie Andrews, 29, both of Augusta

Gary Bernard Harris, 26, of Fort Gordon, and Suzanne Gail Hayward, 26, of San Francisco

Nathaniel Pace, 65, and Willie Mae Pace, 64, both of Hephzibah

Kristopher Michael Storey, 27, and Darlene Noell Garvey, 30, both of Augusta

William Evan Seepe, 27, of Augusta, and Lindsey Diane Page, 24, of Martinez

Jordan Caleb Lucas, 25, and Rose Catharine McGuire, 27, both of Augusta


Mark Bailey, 51, and Traci Lynn Parker, 28, both of Augusta

Robert Wayne Odister, 42, of Augusta, and Elexis Renee Jackson, 38, of Blythe


Matthew Jerome Lewis, 28, of Augusta and Jennifer Erin Paulos, 29, of Grovetown

Macaro Da’Juan Martin, 26, and Cennet Sahin, 20, both of Augusta

Ulf Woida, 35, and Kristi Ann Adams, 32, both of Hephzibah


Bradley Dale Blankenship, 25, and Kristen Anne Bernard, 26, both of Augusta

Antwon Tyricas Turner, 21, of Crawfordville, Ga., and Lashawne Denise Hunt, 24, of Thomson

Cory Scott Clark, 23, and Julia Harmiena Smyser, 25, both of Fort Gordon


Horace Munson, 48, of Atlanta, and Dominique Tracie Manor, 38, of Augusta

Ernest K. McGinister Jr., 61, of West Memphis, Ark., and Judy Ann Murphy, 49, of Augusta

Walter Carey Allen, 73, and Gladys Hall Allen, 63, both of Hephzibah


Lemon Gerard Shaw, 31, of Thomasville, Ga., and Nikic Kai Jones, 27, of Keysville, Ga.

Michael Christopher Flock, 25, and Kathryn Renay Berry, 24, both of Augusta

Keth Preston Hadden, 39, and Sheila Angelique Duckett, 40, both of Augusta

Chad Jeremy Lipscomb, 37, of Parkersburg, W.Va., and Lauren Michelle Josey, 20, of Martinez

Mason Leroy Frazier, 20, and Ronelka Chanell Muhammad, 20, both of Augusta

William Henry Vowell, 46, and Joyce Angelique Marschalk, 49, both of Martinez

Joshua Wayne Merchant, 28, and Lindsay Elaine Arrington, 29, both of Grovetown

Scott Douglas Clark, 34, and Georgi Ann Colleen Bateson, 30, both of Augusta

Benjamin Matthew Kilpatrick, 23, of Augusta, and Summer Candace Michelle Whittington, 22, of Covington, Ga.

Aaron Seth Taylor, 50, and Yolanda Elaine Moore, 28, both of Augusta


Trea Arthur Maurer, 27, Fort Gordon, and Sarah Lee Techaira, 25, of Hephzibah

Ben Glover Jr., 45, of Allenhurst, Ga., and Patricia Flowers Pollard, 47, of Hephzibah

Derek A. Rockett, 20, of Junction City, La., and Shaina Nicole Perez, 18, of Fort White, Fla.

George Oakman, 45, and Virginia I. Bussey, 46, both of Augusta

Frank Wesley Minder Sr., 68, and Thelma Alene Ogletree, 60, both of Augusta

Dorian Whitfield Jurley Sr., 56, and Jeannette Lee Hoskins, 50, both of Augusta

Jason Erik Matthew Smith, 25, and Janelle Graham, 28, both of Fort Gordon

Sterling Allred Magleby, 29, and Carolina Isabel Ruiz-Clavijo, 27, both of Augusta

Timothy Michael Lawson, 43, and Nicole Elizabeth Chapa, 42, both of Augusta


Steven Curtis Collins, 45, and Shelby Lynn McGowan, 20, both of Hephzibah


Anthony James Davis, 30, and Kimberley Renae Jackson, 28, both of Augusta


Irvin Lacarre Thompson Jr., 21, and Jasmine Sherese Tanksley, 20, both of Augusta

George Johnson Lamar, 39, and Mary Linda Chambers, 40, both of Augusta

Rory Jay Salinas, 21, of Grand Lodge, Mich., and Amber Nicole Nichols, 21, of Clayton, N.C.


Kenny Noel, 26, and Jacqueline Sancheze Viola, 24, domestication of a foreign marriage


Jahmal Williams, 24, and Naquilla Keshae Anderson, 18, both of McCormick, S.C.

David Velazquez Mora, 24, of North Augusta, and Griselle Michelle Romero, 19, of Augusta

James Elliott Teters, 29, and Ginny Anne Hensley, 23 both of Augusta

Maxie Permenter, 62, and Dianne Brooks, 59, both of Augusta


Wade Howell Strozier, 36, of Atlanta, and Amy Rae Johnson, 41, of Augusta

Frank Henri Byers, 67, of North Augusta, and June Rosemary Carpenter, 59, of Augusta

Jeffery Anthony Guerra, 20, and Jasmine Tiara Carter, 20, both of Augusta

Frederic Danfoth, 40, and Katrina Elise Pugh, 38, both of Augusta


Anthony Sanchez, 23, of Omaha, Neb., and Jessica Rae Mack, 24, of Columbia

Keith Andrew Gregory Jr., 18, of Warrenville, and Marisa Renee Appel, 18, of Aiken

Leroy Demario Wilson, 28, and Angela Denise Carswell, 32, both of Hephzibah

Walter Lewis Matthews, 64, of Lexington, S.C., and Tiffany Ann Rodgers, 37, of Newberry, S.C.

Brian Paul Baldowski, 30, and Brooke Renee Bozard, 27, both of Augusta





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