Poll: Many NYC residents plan regular day on 9/11

NEW YORK - While most New York City residents still remember where they were when they heard about the Sept. 11 attacks, data from a poll released Tuesday shows that some plan to go about their regular days on the upcoming anniversary while others go to commemorative events.


The NY1-Marist Poll found that 97 percent of those polled remembered where they were and what they were doing when they first heard about the attacks, while three percent did not.

When broken down into age categories, those respondents in the 18-30 age group were the most likely not to recall what they were doing, with nine percent saying they didn't remember. Those between the ages of 47 and 65 were the least likely to have forgotten, with less than one percent saying they didn't remember.

When asked what they would be doing on the 10 anniversary of the attacks, 37 percent of respondents said they would be going about their daily routines. Another 25 percent said they would reflect on the day at work or at home, while 23 percent said they would be following media covering the commemoration events.

Ten percent of responders said they would be at a religious ceremony at their places of worship, and 6 percent said they would be attending a formal ceremony marking the anniversary.

Manhattan residents were the most likely to say they would be keeping their daily routine, with 47 percent of them saying they would. They also were the least likely to say they would be following media coverage, with 17 percent saying they would.

The telephone poll questioned 808 adults from July 20 to July 27. It has a margin of error of plus or minus 3.5 percentage points.



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