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I CAN UNDERSTAND Augusta has issues with rain runoff and related after-affects from rain, but to force the property owners with another burden from not using money already in place … well, it’s plain wrong. Augusta, don’t allow them to force it on you.


ENOUGH TALKING about it already. No more studies and meetings. Let’s just fix up Riverwalk Augusta and make it like Savannah and similar sites. How long has it been there and we still don’t have the sort of tourist attractions it should have? Get it together, Augusta leadership. Put our money where your mouth is.


I WOULD LIKE for one Hillary Clinton supporter to explain to me, without mentioning Donald Trump’s name, how they excuse all the lies she has spoken – there is video proof of lines from everything from Travelgate to Lewinsky to emails to Benghazi, and the list goes on.


OH GREAT! Now that the speed limit is 65 on Bobby Jones Expressway those race car drivers are going to really have a field day.


WE NEED MORE non-uniformed officers to patrol the Wal-Mart on Wrightsboro Road. Those of us who need the lesser-priced items really don’t want to pay more because of shoplifters!


YOU WANT TO talk about bathrooms at Augusta University? When the higher-ups refuse to hire back janitors who left or had to leave, then that’s when cleanliness and toiletry supplies suffer and not just in one building.


TED CRUZ? TRUMP merely had to say, lie or not, that Ted’s father was involved in the assassination of Kennedy and out he went from the race. But yes, please do go ahead and write him in.


IF YOU ARE A Democrat and can’t support Hillary, please write in Bernie Sanders and make Hillary feel the burn.


RAVE FOR THE mother who turned her son in when she recognized him robbing that man. She should be commended. I know she hated to do it, but it will save his life in the long run.



Mon, 01/22/2018 - 18:23

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