New technology allows SRS better pool monitoring

SRNS' Ashley Shull uses the Environmental Compliance Sampling Collection tool to record data from samples taken at SRS.



Savannah River Nuclear Solutions has developed a tool to provide real-time data from its monItoring pools and sampling locations.

The Environmental Compliance Sampling Collection tool was developed by SRNS’ Environmental Monitoring and Information Technology groups. This new technology eliminates the pencil and paper method of data collection since the start of environmental monitoring activities at the Savannah River Site, according to a U.S. Department of Energy release.

“This new technology saves tremendous time in data collection and information sharing over previous methods. The time saved correlates to cost savings for the tax payer, it is a win-win for all,” said Chris Bergren, Director of SRNS’ Environmental Compliance and Area Completion Projects Division.

The success of the new technology has prompted sharing it with other DOE sites to help modernize business practices in what company officials say will save taxpayer dollars. The company shared the technology with Portsmouth Gaseous Diffusion Plant in Portsmouth, K.Y. to help improve its environmental sampling methods.

“Now that we have had the opportunity to develop this new tool, test it in the field and confirm its benefits, we are confident that this technology can be of benefit across the DOE complex, starting with the Portsmouth Gaseous Diffusion Plant in Kentucky, where it is now being implemented,” said Bergren.

In a DOE memorandum from Joel B. Bradburne, Portsmouth Site Lead, he credits Angelia Adams, the DOE Savannah River Operations Office deputy assistant manager for Infrastructure and Environmental Stewardship, for her support in ensuring that this new technology is being shared with other sites such as Portsmouth, stating that the sharing of technologies across the DOE complex is invaluable.

“To sum up the benefit of this new technology one only needs to look at their smart phone. This new tool is essentially a smart phone for environmental samplers,” Bergen said in the release. We no longer have to take notes and go back to desks to transfer data into systems. Now, we are able to upload data wirelessly making the data available instantly, without ever leaving the sampling location. What’s more, we can print labels for samples from the device while in the field, greatly diminishing the risk of human error in logging samples.”



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