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PLEASE REPORT the names of the Augusta Commission members who voted to give the 911 director three months’ worth of severance pay when he is voluntarily leaving to go to another job. They are going to give us a rain tax because the pipes are crumbling and we can’t afford to fix them, but they do a bone-headed move like this? Hire Donald Trump as a consultant to come in and tell them all: “You’re fired.”


IT IS INSANE that President Obama is negotiating to give Iran nuclear weapons (not keep them from having nuclear weapons) at the same time that the Middle East is falling apart. This will bear bitter fruit.


HOW MUCH LONGER will the Augusta utilities department bills open from the bottom?


RAVE TO THE Augusta Commission for firing the EEOC coordinator and accepting the resignation of the HR director. They were a problem. Now they need to straighten out the Engineering Department.


IF THAT TEACHER who was arrested for drugs had been white, he would have been fired immediately, not just reassigned. It’s all the race card.


OBAMA HAS BEEN on vacation for the past six years at taxpayer expense. Soon he will be on vacation for the rest of his life at taxpayer expense. Keep that in mind next time you vote for president. Let’s elect one who will at least earn his vacation.


THE ONLY PEOPLE who can fix the problems in the black community is the black community. Everything else is just enabling at this point.


RANT FOR TELEVISION stations that advertise to come to Augusta Common or the GreenJackets or Riverwalk Augusta. We just moved here. We don’t know where any of that stuff is. Why don’t you put up an address?


RANT FOR THE WHITE Suburban that ran through the school bus stop on Fair Bluff Road. You’re lucky you didn’t kill those two kids. Also, a rant for Richmond County. Why don’t you get out here to Brown Road, Hephzibah-McBean Road, Fair Bluff Road and slow these people down? If you don’t do 55 on Brown Road, they run you over.



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