Rants and Raves

Comments from readers:


I THINK THAT OLD Jimmy Carter is going senile on us again since he now wants us to cozy up to Hamas and recognize this terrorist organization! I have a better idea, why doesn’t he go over to Gaza and persuade Hamas to give up their weapons so that peace can exist in the area?


IT APPEARS THAT the educators in the CSRA are still doing a poor job of teaching critical thinking skills. Why do I think so? There are cars on the road with Obama/Biden bumper stickers, there are comments in the paper suggesting Obama is doing a great job, and there are still people who think all of this is Bush’s fault.


JAMES BROWN DID A lot more than just turkeys at Thanksgiving and toys at Christmas. He held a lot of his business right here in Augusta: rental of the Imperial Theater for his band rehearsals and Adrienne’s funeral, business building downtown for years at the location where the current Board of Education occupies, rental of rooms at various hotels for parties, etc. Also, he came home to Augusta in May 1970 when asked to helped calm people from rioting. And don’t downplay his work with the turkeys and toys: Without him and his name, the companies and other donors would not have put up what they did for the items to be given. I’m glad his family members have turned both events legitimately into registered nonprofits to check and make sure only the poor truly benefit!


HEY PRESIDENT OBAMA, the cold war from the 1980s is knocking at your door!


IT’S HARD TO DECIDE which needs to be carpet-bombed the most – the Islamic crazies overseas or the illegal aliens invading the United States. Wonder if we have enough bombers to do both. With Obama in office I doubt it.


DOES ANYONE ELSE FIND it odd that John Barrow only acts conservative during election years? It is time to vote him out.


RANT FOR HARBOR INN Seafood hostess. The other evening I witnessed a couple leaving after eating & the hostess was in the process of seating a group of six when the handicapped woman stepped to the side out of their way & the hostess rudely told her to move & that she was coming through. I heard the lady complain to the lady manager and she apologized, but it is so sad that some young people don’t respect their elders which make up a big percentage of their customers that helps pay them with their tips.