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MY RANT IS ONCE more to the powers in North Augusta who are pushing the Project Jackson agenda. I believe a stadium is a huge mistake all by itself. We have plenty of meeting rooms at the municipal building, and the rec center, so a convention center is unnecessary. Also, who remembers the disaster that was Port Royal? Shoppers are interested in getting the best deals, and as soon as the new outlet mall is open, who do they think is going to patronize a few specialty stores and restaurants in that area?


THERE HAVE BEEN minimal improvements at animal control, allowing rescue groups to go in and get animals out. However the overall attitude and operation of the facility has not changed: still stagnant and complacent while dogs and cats are sick and dying. Where is the compassion? People want to help, but the atmosphere is unwelcoming. Leadership must actively work to get healthy animals adopted out, and not sit back and rely on the volunteer rescue people to do all the work.


IF TRAFFIC IS bumper-to-bumper 45 to 55 mph on a divided highway, I’m in the left lane and you’re behind me, why is it necessary to continue on your cellphone and beating your fist on the dash showing me the finger to finally pass me and then you drive slower than 45?


RAVE FOR BOJANGLE’S on Walton Way. Good food, good service, exceptionally courteous staff!


WITH ALL THE PUBLICITY of a child being left in a hot car and dying why would you still do it just because you wanted to run in and did not want to disturb the baby because he was sleeping? A child does not need to be left in a car in the heat anywhere, anytime. This applies to elderly adults, too.


A HUGE RAVE FOR Dr. Judy Henderson and Stacy at the Augusta VA Medical Center eye clinic. She gave me the best eye exam ever and Stacy took the time to help me get the perfect glasses. A very pleasant experience!


A GOVERNMENT THAT is big enough to give you everything that you want is a government that is big enough to take everything that you have.


WHERE IS ALL THE national outrage of humans being used as military shields?



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Rants and raves

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