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TO THE PERSON ranting about the SUV passing on double lines in a construction zone on Mike Padgett Highway: That was probably a police officer in the SUV. So even if they do catch him, they don’t write each other tickets.


IN REGARD TO THEIR wanting to do away with the Calhoun Expressway, I say leave it here because if they were to tear it down then it would be one more place for GRU to take over. They’ve taken over too much already. Leave Calhoun Expressway right where it is.


WITH ALL OF THE complaints about the Augusta VA, no one has mentioned the lavish parties they have at taxpayer expense.


THE NEW CHEERIOS ad celebrating fathers is absolutely wonderful. Thank you, Cheerios, from this father.


I WONDER WHY Columbia County starts a new school year on a Wednesday instead of a Monday, beginning of the week? Doesn’t make any sense to me.


CAN SOMEONE PLEASE explain why we’ve seen at least on three different occasions uniformed military personnel saying that the general who was shot and killed in Afghanistan was a noncombatant?


I ENJOY READING Augusta’s annual itemized budget online at www.augustaga.gov under “Your Money.” I also look at every check they issue each month under that same section. The prize check for the month of June has to be to Bimbo’s Bakeries for $2,071. Our commissioners drink only brand-name bottled water and in June they spent $1,888.48 with Coca-Cola for that privilege. Lots of interesting reading on Augusta’s government Web site.


THE WINNER OF Sunday’s tournament in Ohio was on Page 3 of the sports page in Monday’s paper, but Tiger Woods was on top of Page 1 and he had to withdraw because of medical problems. Woods has as much chance of winning another major tournament as Danica Patrick has of winning a NASCAR race. She couldn’t find the finish line if it was painted across her hood.


DURING THE PERIOD that Israel was defending itself from Hamas the terrorist organization, there were over 2,500 deaths in the Syria conflict. I can’t remember the U.N. or our government shocked at the number of deaths that occurred there and nobody condemned what was going on? I wonder why there was such an outcry against Israel and nothing against Syria?



Tue, 12/12/2017 - 19:42

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