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HERE IS A IDEA for our commissioners. Why don’t they just turn the Calhoun Expressway into the drag strip they want? That should give Harrisburg the economic boon they seek and all the idiots who try driving 100+ mph on Riverwatch can take the “drag strip” downtown in the mornings and stop endangering innocent lives every day.


I’VE LIVED IN KOREA, Colorado, New Jersey, Oklahoma and Atlanta, and this is the worst transit system I’ve ever used. You wouldn’t have so many DUI’s if you had a transit system that ran later than 8 p.m. Also that would help people in their search for employment in the area.


I’M FORCED TO RESPOND to the Democrat who wrote that Republicans are tax dodging narcissists. The vast majority of people belonging to both parties are hardworking taxpayers who are concerned for anyone less fortunate and consider themselves lucky to live in America. Unfortunately, there are imbeciles that like to generalize and disparage those with differing opinions. As I see it, there are far too many Americans who VOTE for a living, as opposed to WORK for a living.


A RANT: SHAME ON the person who insulted a lady while stopped at a traffic light near Target shopping area. Little did the rude person know, her 10-year-old was in the car and heard every cruel word said. People should be kind to others as one never knows what is going on in another’s life. This child will likely recall this experience for a long, long time.


THANK YOU, MR. CROSS, for yet another example of your continuing campaign to put unnecessary retail or commercial establishments on every single square inch of green space in Martinez. You are allowing a Wal-Mart grocery store within three-tenths of a mile of a Food Lion and within eight-tenths of a mile of a Bi-Lo. I bet they appreciate this move, too! Total waste of green space land.


government justifies judges who are constantly changing laws made by citizens of states? These judges are not elected, they’re appointed. Isn’t it time somebody took a good hard look at that and tell them to go home?


A RANT FOR ALL the illegal aliens being brought across the Mexican border. They should be loaded up on C141s C5As and C17s and flown down there over Central America and dropped from 10,000 onto their own countries. That would put a stop to it.


Sun, 09/24/2017 - 19:45

Burke man arrested in shooting death