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BEING UNDER 18 and having children is a prerequisite to applying for assistance in getting help with insurance and help with going to school so they won’t have to depend on the government. Who would guess?


GET OFF YOUR HIGH horses over the Hobby Lobby decision. This was a very narrow ruling. Hobby Lobby still provides birth control and has done so since they opened. They always provided their employees free birth control. This decision concerned four methods of birth control, all of which induce abortion only. That was the part this company objected to.


“MASON SAID HE would advise against giving all city employees a raise, however.” How many pay raises has Mason had in the past six years that city employees have not received nor a cost of living allowance increase? The same question for all 10 commissioners.


PLEASE STOP IMPLYING that a president is the commander-in-chief without making it clear that he is commander-in-chief of the U.S. military, not of the whole USA. A true commander-in-chief of the whole country would make him a dictator.


WHEN SOMETHING as unimportant as a pro ball team sells for $2 billion, the U.S. is in deep trouble.


THE U.S. IMMIGRATION system is dysfunctional. President Obama has held office for five years, so he is clearly responsible for this gigantic problem. Either he didn’t know it was happening, or he intended the mess from the beginning.


NOW THAT ALL Richmond County school students qualify for free breakfast and lunch under the National School Lunch program, do all Rich­mond County households with a K-12 child get free/reduced-price Internet from Comcast under their Internet Essentials program?


I’M GLAD CHARITIES are not making it easy to get free items. Too many want to just take, take, take. I see at least a couple of so-called homeless men (they brag about living at one of those places for free because they say they are homeless) riding the buses all the time. They have new clothes all the time since they keep visiting those places that give them away, plus snazzy bookbags to carry stuff in.


A RANT FOR ALL Ameri­cans who are eligible to vote, but don’t. If you vote and your person loses, then voice your disappointment. If you don’t vote and your person loses, keep your mouth shut and accept whatever comes your way.


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