Rants & Raves

Comments from readers:


I WANT TO RANT ABOUT the North Augusta mom who left her child in the park. Really, she is not the only single parent in this world, struggling, trying to make ends meet. She is rewarded for being a bad mom; yes, that’s right, a bad mom, because no matter what, a child should not be left in a park alone.


TO THE ANIMAL HATER who is so sick of The Chronicle whining about the animal shelter: I am so sick of the unwed mothers who keep on having babies so they can get free food, free housing, free health care, etc.


NOW WE HAVE AN improved Richmond Coun­ty school security force. Does that mean during weekends and nights these officers will now get out of their vehicles and do a foot patrol and door-check at schools or still wait for the sheriff’s office to do the follow-up after an event?


RAVE! RAVE! RAVE! Johnny Hensley and The Red Hots rocked the Imperial Theatre for their 55th reunion concert. What a great evening with fantastic musicians and superb talent benefiting the Press-On Fund.


I WAS READING IN a weekly paper recently and saw an article that was trashing a new Web site for Renaissance of American Responsibility. Please go to http://roar.us and see for yourself what a wonderful and inspiring site this is. We need this more than ever.


I CAN UNDERSTAND why the firefighters need a raise, but I don’t understand why they need a new fire safety educator to explain what is going on to the public. I would expect that should be the job of Fire Chief Chris James. The $51,000 salary for this new educator could have been used for some of the firefighters’ raises. Let’s get real on this and stop building a bureaucracy.