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PUBLIC SCHOOLS ARE using more tools to evaluate students’ progress? Back when teachers taught and principals led, the teachers did the evaluating. No extra charge, and kids learned.

RANT TO THE COLUMBIA County school board for dissing quality education by denying the application of the Columbia County School for the Arts.

WITH ALL OF THE problems that Augusta has, the news ran a story about whether or not the statue of James Brown should be on a pedestal, whether or not to put lights around it, and trim the shrubbery so that all could see. Give me a break!

WHY DO SO MANY people ride around in their fancy new cars with their windows down when it’s 95 degrees outside? You didn’t order air conditioning in that new ride or what?

WILL THE AUGUSTA Commission member responsible for the Circular Drive area off Peach Orchard Road please do your job and get the grass cut in the ditches?

ONLY A RUDE, SELFISH person would go in a very crowded restaurant and treat the waitress with disrespect. If you wait your turn, you will be waited on. When the waitress asks how you are doing, you don’t have to answer with, “We have been ready and everyone else is eating.” Well, they got here before you did.

RAVE FOR MICHAEL Holahan’s joyful photo of Tomi Rae Brown and James Brown Jr. as they sing the national anthem at the Augusta GreenJackets game.

FOR ALL FOOTBALL fans, Georgia Tech and Georgia should cancel all games this year because all the players are in jail.

THERE NEEDS TO BE a change to the Augusta Commission requiring those who continually miss called meetings or failing to vote on an issue to be removed from office by a recommendation from the mayor and constituents. There’s no need for them to be paid for doing nothing.

OF TAX LOOPHOLES, President Obama said, “I don’t care if it’s legal.” After five years of Obama, that’s pretty clear.

SUCH HATE FROM almost all Republican ranters against our president with all their stories.



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Rants and raves

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