Rants & Raves

Comments from readers:



THE COLUMBIA COUNTY Board of Education believes that all students can learn better in a safe school environment. I agree 100 percent. That policy needs to also protect the teachers because many of them are being bullied by the administrators.


THIS IS A RANT TO The Augusta Chronicle. I noticed on television that Robert Mitchum and James Garner both died and there has been nothing in the paper about either one of them. And yet James Brown is plastered all over the front page. These people had talent. James Brown only jumped around and yelled. I am appalled at the coverage that The Chronicle gives. I realize James Brown came from Augusta but he was nothing compared to the professionals who sang and danced in Hollywood and around the country.


THIS IS A RAVE TO the District Attorney of the Year, Ms. Wright. Congratulations on receiving your award and the way you handled the diamond ring situation here in Augusta.


RANT TO THE MANIAC driving the white SUV for television station WRDW (Channel 12). She was on the phone driving with one hand in the wrong lane facing oncoming traffic at Berckmans Road, then zigzagged through the other lanes trying to get to the fire. We could have ended up being the news. She needs to be behind a desk and not behind a wheel.


RANT FOR OBAMA’S critics. According to Politifact, Obama has taken 92 vacation days, compared to 367 for George W. Bush at the same time in his presidency.


JOB CREATION IN the first half of 2014 is finally matching numbers seen 15 years ago under Clinton. If you don’t like the increase in job creation, just elect a Republican. I’m sure they can stop it.


REP. LUIS GUTIERREZ D-Ill., claims President Obama has promised amnesty for ”millions of our undocumented.” Meaning let all the illegal aliens in. Fifty years ago Gutierrez would have been kicked out of the House of Representatives for such treasonous ravings. He represents Mexico and Central America more than the citizens of Illinois.


LOOK AT ALL THE wasted millions the Republicans used for those ridiculous ads by both Kingston and Perdue. They could have better used the money to really help people but instead, helped the TV stations pollute our shows with their ads. And that’s why those millionaires are so out of touch neither of them qualify to truly help people.