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ISRAEL TOOK IT for years with these missiles. Now they are trying to protect themselves and retaliate. The news is so biased.


WHY IS WRDW (Channel 12) going so crazy over the James Brown movie? What has he done for the people of Augusta? Those turkeys weren’t even his to give away.


WHERE IS IT WRITTEN that someone with a good-paying job should also get a bonus? If they can’t do the job without a bonus, then replace them with someone who can and will do the job.


I WOULD LIKE TO see a comparison with the Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center , University Hospital and Doctors Hospital that compares bonuses equally across the board.


A RANT FOR THE family at Golden Corral. A woman passed out. The family got mad because the ambulance got stuck in traffic, but only one person was helping her while the rest were eating. All I can say is, God bless them.


I CAN’T BELIEVE another worthless Southern Bell telephone directory. My number is not in there; my friends are not in there. We have home phones. I threw mine in the trash.


WHAT A LOVELY YOUNG man Rory Mcllroy seems to be; no tantrums no swear words, no acting up, just a smiling face all the way and his mom to greet him when he wins! Way to go, Rory.


I HAVE JUST BEEN confined to a wheelchair and I can’t find a restaurant in this side of town (I live in Evans) that I can get a wheelchair in to go eat. Do they make smaller wheelchairs? Why don’t the doors have glass or something that slides so people can get in? It’s nonsense because restaurants are supposed to serve all the people.


RAVES TO THE FINE gentleman in Harlem who has a trailer place at the Family Dollar parking lot. He is wonderful man, and I thank him for the ride.


THE MAN BLOCKING all the cars during rush hour this morning by driving in the passing lane doesn’t know that he came so close to being in the ditch instead. Hang up and drive!


WHAT IS IT WITH all the work at Kroger on Washington Road? That is interfering with my shopping.


Thu, 08/17/2017 - 01:43

Rants and raves