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THE GOVERNMENT IN Georgia needs to begin a mandatory refresher course for all current (and future) drivers in reading and understanding numbers. Upon completion of the course drivers would again recognize that pairs of numbers displayed along streets, roads and highways indicate the maximum speed limit.


WHEN THE GOVERNMENT talks about spending billions to house those crossing our borders illegally and our veterans are without homes and jobs something is terribly wrong.


THE FIRST TIME I told a Republican that Obama had deported more illegal aliens than any previous president they told me that was a stupid statement. After they looked up the figures on the Web, they apologized for being stupid.


I AM TIRED OF people portraying public safety and military individuals as normal. They are not normal. It is not normal to put aside personal safety to help others. It is not normal to stand in harm’s way for complete strangers. It is not normal to sacrifice one’s life to protect people who are not grateful. I am thankful beyond measure that these individuals are not normal.


DR. FRANK ROBERSON, a job opening is available. Paine College needs a person who has integrity, cares about the community and education. We know you are a diligent leader, and you are a champion for students and doing what’s right.


WHY DOES STARBUCKS let the man keep his computer on the table? He is there all the time. And taking up space.


I DON’T THINK I would take my business to anyone who had a house full of dogs.


I HAVE BEEN A patient at the Dwight D. Eisenhower Army Medical Center for seven years, and I have never had to wait 30 days. They are very concerned about my health. I get excellent medical care.


RAVE FOR THE governor of Texas. He is doing what our president should have done a long time ago. Bring our troops home; secure our borders between Canada and Mexico and if you want to come to this country, come legally. Ship all the illegals back to wherever they come from and then maybe we wouldn’t have to worry about terrorists so much.



Tue, 01/23/2018 - 23:44

Rants and raves