Rants & Raves

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RANT TO COLUMBIA County BOE for the sign at Evans Elementary on Gibbs Road that faces the wrong way. No one can read the scrolling text because it is parallel to traffic – it should be perpendicular. Who paid for that mistake? My tax dollars did.


SERIOUSLY. YOU PUT LeBron James returning to Cleveland on the (July 12) front page, above the fold! Well, I guess you made about three people in the entire CSRA who care about that very happy. What a waste of newsprint.


A RAVE FOR GEN. ATKINS, president of The Augusta Chronicle, and Bill Kirby, for a wonderful Tuesday. I enjoyed learning all about The Chronicle and the wonderful lunch my mother and I were treated to. Thank you so much!


RAVE FOR HOBBY LOBBY. Why should you have to pay for birth control? If the women of your company are so worried about getting pregnant, they can purchase their own birth control or abstain from having sex. Why should you go against your religious belief for their pleasure?


TO THE RANTER worried about which business supported the Pride Parade, you should post your picture so that businesses can choose not to do business with you. What’s good for the goose ...


THE HOUSE APPROVES funding bill for the MOX facility, but Obama threatens to veto bill possibly doing away with thousands of union jobs. But they can always get jobs on the Keystone Pipeline. But wait he won’t approve that either. (How’s that “Hope And Change” working for you, union members?)


RON “OBAMA” CROSS acts like he can just decide to spend our tax money on anything he wants. We don’t need more buildings and traffic in Evans but he now wants an Arts Center. Stop wasting my tax money Ronbama.


HUGE RAVE FOR TWO fine ladies, Kelly and Sharon, who witnessed my 88-year-old father-in-law fall and injure himself in the parking lot at the Mullins Crossing Chick-fil-A. Not only did they call my wife about the incident, they drove him home and waited for my wife to get there to see about him. Hats off to these fine ladies!


RANT FOR AMERICANS. Why aren’t we marching into Mexico with flags raised demanding the release of our Marine? I simply cannot believe our pathetic president hasn’t said a word. Not an ounce of respect for our military. I wonder what this poor Marine thinks of his country now?



Thu, 01/18/2018 - 12:39

Free school supplies event scheduled next week at Jenkins-White Elementary

Amerigroup Community Care will help local students restock their school supplies next week at Jenkins-White Elementary Charter School.

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