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WHY DOESN’T THE United States government not send the money we send yearly to Mexico and keep that to take care of all their illegal aliens coming across our border? If we send money to Guatemala, keep that money. And if we send any money to another third world country keep that money because we are taking care of their people that they are not taking care of. I’m tired of our tax dollars going to dictators.


THE PROBLEMS AT the VA have been going on for a long time. My husband died there in 1988 from lack of proper care. The nurses pulled his feeding tube out when they turned him and said he did it.


WHAT GOOD IS the citizen on patrol program doing? They drive right by you and don’t see if you need help. I wonder if anybody else has been helped by them.


SCHOOLS, STORES AND other business are not at fault for leaving your child in your car. You are 100 percent at fault.


YOU SHOULD HAVE the border patrol stopping these children from coming in. Maybe they aren’t vaccinated. Maybe they are bringing in diseases. What is wrong with our Congress and President?


IS THE POUND STILL selling dogs to research at MCG for huge profits and huge kickbacks? Years ago MCG gave them free dinners and presents. I know because I was a volunteer there.


DEMOCRATIC OPPOSITION to Republicans is rooted in slavery. They want to keep them on the plantation.


EVERYONE IN RICHMOND County who has been charged with a crime should be given the same treatment, and Public Defender Davis: Write a letter of apology and everything’s fine. God forbid the poor person who gets her as a public defender.


THE AUGUSTA CHRONICLE should do a full in-depth story on the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution. Why we have it, how it came to be, who wanted it in the Constitution. What it means to the people and when the people can use it.


REGARDING REPUBLICAN opposition to president Obama, please read the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.


PRESIDENT OBAMA MUST stand up and acknowledge that he is responsible for Katrina, Exxon Valdez and the Dust Bowl.


YOU HAVE NO IDEA what these 911 operators and police officers go through on a daily basis or the ridiculous asinine calls we have to put up with.



Wed, 11/22/2017 - 18:38

Rants and raves