Rants & Raves

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A RANTER SAYS the editor is a “paranoid loon” because the editor can see things clearer than that ranter. Alas.


A JOHN BARROW story mentions that a vet can get “$390 in benefits to join the YMCA.” When did it start costing so much to join the YMCA?


THE U.S. SENDS additional 300 troops into Baghdad. Just like we got into Vietnam – send a “few” advisers, then add more, soon war.


GENERAL MOTORS IS recalling more cars than it’s making. It seems that awhile back, Obama used a zillion of our tax dollars to buy GM stock.


OBAMA CALLS OUR immigration system “so broken.” He’s held office for five years. Has he only now spotted the obvious?


AUGUSTA’S DIRECTOR OF Animal Services should be prosecuted for animal cruelty. She is running a death camp.


IF THE COST to feed, treat, shelter and deport the illegal immigrants were deducted from the money sent to the countries from where they came from, the flood of illegals would stop immediately.


WHO CARES ABOUT Justin Bieber, George Clooney or any of the dumbed-down so-called stars of Hollywood?


A RAVE TO the sanitation department for the smaller household cans. The can is very light and easy to handle.


THE WORST THING about the horrific immigration crisis has to be the health danger. Border patrol agents have caught diseases. To think that American kids will be going to school and exposed to not just lies but also tropical diseases. I can understand how those mothers in California are feeling. We are not to blame for those South American countries. Let Mexico deal with it. Charity begins at home.


RAVE FOR SHANNON at the pharmacy in Kroger’s on Deans Bridge Road. She always goes above and beyond to help customers, and I thank her.


I CAN FIX the pet problem. License all animals. $20 for a spayed or neutered animal and $100 for one that is not fixed. Hit them in the pocketbooks, and you won’t see four or five pit bulls chained up in the yard. I’ve seen it work in other states.


A PRESIDENTIAL PHOTO op at the border? How about a picture of him doing the “cuff and stuff” on an illegal alien at the border. Publish in a full-page ad in every newspaper in Central America; that would make it clear they don’t need to bother coming North.



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Rants and raves

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Shutdown would hit Augusta hard