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SECURITY AT THE Augusta-Richmond County Municipal Building is a farce. Officials and employees slip in rear and side entrances while the public is directed to enter through scanners at the front entrance. Unless everyone enters and gets cleared at the same checkpoint, you have no security. The Augusta Commission should set the example and enter through the public entrance.


WHAT WILL CAUSE our country to fail is cynicism and distrust for your neighbors. Even President Reagan was known for “trust, but verify.” Listen to your internal common sense that you were raised with; not the bloviating talking heads on TV who are paid to gin you up and make you angry. Personally, I have faith that this country can survive if Washington is revamped to meet the demands of the people (not the lobby), but I also think it can be done peaceably.


A PLEA TO OUR Augusta Commission: We have an opportunity to choose the person who will guide our county forward and to improvement. Please consider each of the administrator candidates impartially as a business owner would – not using the “old boy” or “who you know” system that the commission has used in the past. It’s time to have someone who can take Richmond County forward and out of the era of incompetence, waste and fraud.


I LOVE ANIMALS and have had dogs and cats since my childhood. I detest the killing of dogs and cats at the animal shelters. I wish these protesters would be as vocal about the killing of the unborn taking place all over the USA.


PLEASE STOP ALL THIS illegal immigration. Study your history. This is how countries fall. It will happen to us, and the ones who will suffer the most will be the poor who keep voting in the people who are allowing this.


WHY NOT A LAW allowing businesses to install a cellphone blocking device as long as they post it to the public at the door that such a device is in use? Let the customers decide whether not having one available to be annoying to others around them and rude at the checkout is such a big deal they don’t want to do business there. Let those who firmly believe cellphone usage is out of control and a pain to be around have a place we can enjoy doing business once again. The legal system thought that blocking the signal is against the law somehow restricts our rights.



Sun, 12/10/2017 - 19:42

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