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IT’S BAD ENOUGH my tax dollars pay for you to have your children, but then I have to help pay to feed and house them. I then have to pay to keep them in jail. Can you at least keep an eye on them so they can stay out of my way while I’m trying to work?


PEOPLE WHO ARE opposed to President Obama are just racists? From the Democratic Party that promoted slavery, Jim Crow, abortion and the ghetto? Also, poverty among blacks has increased under Obama. Talk about a paradox. This is laughable. Maybe the people who voted for Obama just because of his color are just as racist? Hmmmm.


THIS IS FOR ANYONE who would promote anti-Americanism to our young people: If America is so evil, then why don’t you give back your freedoms, your Christianity, your economic standing and social standing? Name a country which donates billions to Third World countries in South America, Africa and Asia, including millions donated by those “mean Christians”? Or inspired freedom through the new world through its constitution and Bill of Rights? Or saved the secured the rights of minorities through a war? Or saved the world twice from world wars? Give back those rights that you use to speak against America. Why would you benefit from such an “evil” country?


RANT FOR AMERICANS. How long do we put up with this insanity. President Obama wants billions before he even tries to solve or address the illegal problem. Look out, all you poor working people; here he comes. Before long it will be pointless to work.


WE’VE RECOVERED ALL of the jobs lost during the Bush recession.


HOW CAN THIS Sharon Broady be a director of an animal shelter? It is obvious she doesn’t like animals very much. It isn’t costing her a dime for the rescue groups to come from out of state to try to help out, so give the poor animals a break. Is it time for a new director? I think so!


THE CITY OF AUGUSTA government should not feel bad about its incompetence. The same scenario is playing out at the federal level.



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