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RANT FOR AUGUSTA Utilities Department. I have never had a late bill in my life except for the water works. I get the bill one day and it’s late the next. One of you is not doing your job.


OBAMA WON’T ADMIT the problem with so many illegals coming across the border is that he has instructed the border patrol not to stem the flow of immigrants and has forbidden enforcement of our laws within the U.S. His deportation numbers are bogus in that they count the illegals the border patrol turns back at the border, he doesn’t allow the authorities to arrest and deport any illegals who are already settled in our country.


WE ARE STILL PERPLEXED about Hillary’s interpretation of “dead broke.” Many of us have a very different idea of that concept. She needs to realize that she lacks the magnetism of her husband. Hillary is NOT the “snake oil salesman,” or “silver tongued devil” that Bill is.


PAY ATTENTION. THE best illustration of what government-run healthcare will become are the VA hospitals. It might take a few years, but it is coming.


A BIG RAVE TO THE person or persons who paid for our lunch yesterday at Yo Pizza in Daniel Village. It was quite a surprise and we thank you very much. We will definitely pay it forward.


IS IT THAT EASY TO break into a pawn shop and steal weapons and ammo? I have no problem with legal ownership of guns but, when thugs break and enter and steal these items it’s a problem for law enforcement and citizens.


NEIGHBOR, PLEASE STOP burning trash outside. Each morning I try to enjoy a cup of coffee on my porch but your smoke drives me inside. Don’t you realize that asthma suffers have rights, too.


OBAMA NOW WANTS $3.7 billion of our hard earned tax money to address the fiasco he created at the border by allowing all of those children from Central America to gain access to the US. The time has come to say no to spending our money on those who enter this country illegally! Enough is enough.


THIS BORDER MESS is another lie our Commander in Chief has been caught in. Remember how he kept saying the border was secure but the Republicans still refused to do an immigration bill? This fiasco was created to force the Republicans into accepting an immigration bill with only the provisions Mr. Obama wants in it.



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Rants and raves

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