Rants & Raves

Comments from readers:



RANT TO THE RICHMOND County Board of Education, which promotes the teaching of anti-Americanism. My son came home with a lesson from a book from Glenn Hills Middle titled Rediscovering America. The author claims that America is evil, Christianity is oppressive, the Pilgrims were thieves, George Washington was not a hero and America is a stolen land. The teacher informed my daughter that the book was given to him by the social studies director downtown. Is this what we are teaching? As a black father, I want my daughter to know America’s virtues and faults, but not be indoctrinated with some socialist agenda that is based on the rewriting of American history.


PRESIDENT OBAMA IS bringing federal thugs to clear American citizens stopping the illegal alien buses. Sounds like Lexington and Concord all over again. This time “we the people” outnumber the forces of tyranny.


WHY AREN’T THE media digging deeper into the issues at Paine? Why hasn’t anyone mentioned that the VP of administration and fiscal affairs, hired just last August, was abruptly let go this spring and a lesser-experienced replacement quietly brought in to fill the position? Was he learning too much and risked exposing the root cause of the issues that continue to haunt Paine?


LAKEWOOD DRIVE, AKA Break-in and Auto Theft Drive. Thanks to the young thief on Barry Drive.


A RANT TO MY NOT-SO-wonderful neighbors: You like fireworks; then pick up all your litter after your yearly celebrations! I am tired of your fireworks trash cluttering up my yard. Your children are old enough to teach them to clean up their messes.


THE WASHINGTON Red­skins are being put upon by the government to change their name, and a recent ranter said he was offended by the name Boston Celtics, for it offends his Scots-Irish ancestry. I am patriotic at times, and am offended by the name the New England Patriots, who have large men knocking down other men. Will the liberal government help me? No.


RANT TO THE Repub­licans who do not like President Obama’s immigration policy. He does not have one. They refused to pass one and would not even pass one for George Bush in 2007 that would have allowed minors to stay. They need to shut up or put up a bill.