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HOW PATHETIC. How can you people stand to inhale all these animal odors in their home? No wonder they keep all these allergies and other germs. How disgusting. I wouldn’t dare eat from their tables.


HAVING LIVED IN Hephzibah and visiting again for the Fourth, I noticed the following: The old school on Windsor Spring Road near Highway 88 is deplorable. To the Richmond County school board: Why are you letting a mess continue so long?


ISN’T IT STRANGE that our GDP was -0.01, we had 315,000 new unemployment claims and created only 288,000 jobs but our unemployment rate went down to 6.1? According to Bureau of Labor Statistics data, the real unemployment number is 12.2. Oh, I forgot, this is an election year. The numbers always get fuzzy when the Democrats have nothing to offer that would help them get re-elected except phony baloney.


ON JULY FOURTH, I attended a marvelous star-studded concert in historic St. Paul’s Church with Keith Shafer as music director and joined by the Independence Day Chorus and Orchestra. The guest star was Russell Joel Brown. These musicians have worked hard for their wonderful talents, and for them to have shared those with us, the public, in this spine-tingling concert, is nothing short of patriotism at its very best. Thank you!


A RANT TO Dwight D. Eisenhower Army Medical Center. The VA is under the spotlight for not seeing patients in the 30-day window. You should be afraid of the next round of investigations that will prove you do not see dependents within the 30-day window. The truth is, you ignore many dependents’ health problems for years. You want the base to stay open because of excellent medical care. The truth is you do not care about your patients and you do not provide adequate medical care. Maybe we should apply for welfare because the benefits are better than you give dependents and veterans.


WARNING, WE ARE being invaded from the country of Mexico, and the invaders are bringing in diseases into our country that were once wiped out in the United States.



Sun, 12/17/2017 - 19:23

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