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FOR ALL THE FINE folks of the Augusta area, please keep your Rant & Raves directed to local issues. Rant to the person speaking directly to Hillary Clinton; do you really think she reads The Augusta Chronicle?


NOT ONLY DO WE taxpayers have to fund the illegitimate children born here in this country. We now are expected to fund the many thousands (the number will be 100,000 by 2015) of Central American children entering this country on a daily basis. Something drastic has to happen to stem the tide of this invasion. I wish the president did not create the illusion that automatic citizenship is guaranteed once arriving here. What a mess he created.


NOW THAT THE Su­preme Court has ruled in the Hobby Lobby case, how is Obama going to address the needs of the Hobby Lobby women who want the abortion-type of contraceptives? You can be almost assured that this burden will be placed on the shoulders of the taxpayer. Another solution he may want to put forward is for all of these women to find new jobs.


HOW MANY TIMES in the past 10 years have property taxes been increased? Who exactly are the property tax owners (population)? What portion of the population does not pay property taxes? What is the difference in the property tax increase and when the school board increase the property tax rate? Does the county ever get audited? Has the property tax increase ever been on the ballot?


RANT FOR THE Ameri­can people. I can only come to one conclusion. We have become a pathetic, brainless society. All you have to do is look around and you will see what the majority of your hard-earned tax money is used for. Tattoos, gold teeth, luxury SUVs, chrome rims and baby strollers. I would say God help us, but it’s too late.


ANOTHER ARTICLE ON climate change to remind us that it gets cold in the winter and warm in the summer and that the earth has gone through droughts, floods, heat waves and ice ages for millions of years. Hurricanes, earthquakes and all other natural disasters have been here for millions of years, but now the left wants to use climate nonsense to extract more money from our wallets. We all care about the earth’s health and we all should take care not to waste, litter and abuse our resources, but we certainly don’t need another bureaucratic agency to fleece us.



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