Rants & Raves

Comments from readers:



ALL THE SURPLUS military gear that the Richmond County Sheriff’s Office acquired was free to them, but who do you think paid for the equipment in the first place? Us hard-working taxpayers, that’s who.


THANK YOU TO King Jesus for victory in the Hobby Lobby case. Praise God! If people would put their trust in the Lord Jesus, this country would be a better place.


RAVE TO THE Thurmond Dam manager. I understand that you have been there only a couple of years, and let me say you are doing a great job keeping our lake level up.


APPARENTLY, SHARON Broady is in the wrong job; maybe she is more suited to her last job as deputy warden at the Richmond County Correctional Institution!


INSTEAD OF ASKING American citizens to be responsible for illegal immigrants, our government should be asking the governments where these people are coming from to take responsibility. As for the problem at the border, keeping them out? I say line the border with guards with guns and let them use those weapons.


RANT TO THE speeders on Mike Padgett Highway in the construction zone. Richmond County police need to patrol this area more.


I HOPE THAT President Obama knows what he is doing by nominating Robert McDonald as the next Veterans Affairs secretary. McDonald’s past needs scrutiny, particularly what caused him to resign his position as chief executive at Procter & Gamble, where he was under pressure from investors concerned he was not doing enough to boost performance. We all know that performance (or lack thereof) is the big issue at the Veterans Affairs.


I AM IN SHOCK! Obama selects a former Procter & Gamble CEO to head the VA. Obama actually picked someone who has a past résumé of accomplishments. Normally, the only qualification for an Obama appointment is that they hold a radical, left-wing view.


ONCE AGAIN I listen to our commander-in-chief tell a tall tale about a problem with the Republicans not passing immigration reform. He fails to tell the public how many bills the Republicans have sent to the Senate only to have Harry Reid refuse to address them because they do not include amnesty; that’s why he is unwilling to deal with the Republicans.


BIG SURPRISE THAT Beam Paving got the contract to pave the North Augusta Greeneway.