The Way We Were: Walton Way and 15th Street in downtown Augusta

It is the mid-1970s and Augustans are just getting used to the expansion of the Walton Way-15th Street interchange.


The modern Sears store (described as “massive” in a 1968 Chronicle editorial) sits near the canal and what was once the site of Jennings Stadium, the old baseball park.

That Sears building and its former automotive center are now buildings used by Georgia Regents University. The store left for Augusta Mall in the 1990s.


MEMORIES RECALLED: “An official at Sears Roebuck and Co., said the store on Walton Way is ‘completely packed with those buying and returning.’ ” (Augusta Chronicle, Christmas 1975)


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From last week

Last week, we showed an aerial photo of Julian Smith Casino on Lake Olmstead in the 1970s. Here are some memories inspired by that image:



My memories of Julian Smith Casino are happy ones.

In 1943 we went to Julian Smith every Friday or Saturday night to dance. We danced to a live band of Jack Hilliard and Lester Palmer.

I danced with my boyfriend, Louie Gantt. He left to go to the Navy during World War II. When he returned we were married and we have been married 68 years. We will always remember those dancing nights at Julian Smith Casino.

– Joyce Owens Gantt



It’s where I met Randy Tucker – at a county Christmas party on Dec. 9, 1989. We’ve been married for 23 years now. It holds special memories for me.

- Pam Tucker, director,
Columbia County Emergency & Operations Division



The Augusta Country Club had two golf courses, the second flowed downhill to the upper part of Lake Olmstead. Just after WWII, it was sold and Country Club Hills was developed.

Carl Sanders, when he lived in Augusta and before he became governor, had a residence there.

Bill Baab


I was married there on May 12, 2012. I have received a lot of compliments on my ceremony and reception there. Beautiful and historic.

– Misty Marie McConnell



I went to an exotic bird show there and ended up with a cockatiel. Had no intentions of buying a bird. (LOL) That was about 15 years ago and still have him.

He whistles the Andy Griffith theme song and asks if you want a kiss as well as calls the dog and the cat. He has been a good pet.

– Ann Jackson Simmons



Went to the Augusta Kennel Club’s dog show there in 1967. Our Rottweiler CH. Shar von Roehr of Denmark, won $2. We had a nephew and two nieces with us, had to chip in another $1 so each child got (a dollar).

– Sharleen Anderson



I was married there!

Tonya Faircloth



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