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THE CONSTITUTION GIVES the House control over the federal government’s money. It is time for the House to defund the executive branch.


I WOULD LIKE TO know why all the groceries, gas and everything keep going up but the money doesn’t. By the time I pay my Blue Cross and Medicare, I get $100 a month to live on. Everyone else gets something for free – insurance, medical. Why can one person get something for free and the other person it costs an arm and a leg.


THEY HAD 10,000 people down there at the gay parade, but there were more than that of us sitting at home not wanting anything to do with it.


ANY MENTALLY ILL person should be confined to a facility where they are cared for. They should not be allowed to live on their own.


ISN’T IT SORT OF tawdry for Democrats to purport to help women, but only sexually active women? How about some free Midol for us poor wallflowers and virgins?


RAVE TO THE IRS for losing the e-mails. Since I conduct most of my personal business on my PC, including filing tax returns, when the IRS shows up for an audit I’ll use the same defense, “my computer crashed and I lost everything.”


SPEAK UP AGAINST nuclear waste being dumped on SRS. The graphite fuel was produced in plants operating from 1967-1988. Germany wants to get rid of the waste with a goal of no reactors in the country by 2020.The radioactive waste stored at SRS is over the source of our drinking water.


RANT TO THE PEOPLE saying we should buy guns and prepare for the revolution. Look how well the revolutions have worked out in Syria and Libya.


I GROW WEARY OF hearing how we stole this land from the Native Americans. Germanic tribes “stole” the land we now called England from the native Britons. Normans, “stole” England from the Anglo- Saxons. Their descendants faced the terror of the ocean and “stole” America from the natives. The natives lost, just like the Britons. This time, these “Invaders” created the greatest nation that ever has been in history. Now, it seems, we are being invaded – and are losing.



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