Rants & Raves

Comments from readers:



THE BRAVES SWEEP the Phillies in a four-game series for the first time in 50 years and get a below-the-fold story in the June 30 sports section. Top story? Soccer game between The Netherlands and Mexico. Yuk! Double Yuk!


POLITICIANS BEWARE. Americans are watching, listening and paying attention while you (are) inactive, inefficient and incompetent. We will show you our power in November.


OBAMA NOW WANTS $2 billion to fix the mess he’s allowed with the illegals from south of the border.


RANT TO CHRISTIAN conservatives. When did Jesus ever say take from the poor and give to the rich?


GRU FIELDHOUSE was burglarized the third time. Has no one at GRU ever heard of a mean watch dog?


HARDIE DAVIS PROMISED to add more bus routes, but Bob Young made the same promise. When I reminded him about it, he said that they were federally funded and he had to do what the federal government told him to do. The new mayor will find out the same thing. He shouldn’t make promises like that without researching it.


RANT TO PEOPLE IN North Augusta about Project Jackson. It is going up; get over it. We fought against things in our back yard, but we lost.


SPEAK OUT AGAINST nuclear waste being dumped in SRS. Germany wants to get rid (of) waste and reactors. The radioactive waste in SRS is over the Tuscaloosa Aquifer – the source of our drinking water.


I SEE WHERE SCOTT Michaux is still trying to ride that dead horse Tiger Woods. What about all the other people who have made a comeback?


I DON’T WANT ANY money sent overseas, and stop these children from
coming here. Protect our borders for heaven’s sake.