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RAVE FOR THE AUGUSTA Utilities Department for retrieving my grandson’s cellphone that he dropped into the storm drain in front of my house. On the morning of June 23 my wife called customer service and explained the situation and the sentimental value of it because it belonged to his deceased dad. She made a phone call and shortly after a service tech was in front of my house. He went into the drain got the phone, offered me some ideas on how to dry it out, wished me good luck and was on his way.


THANKS TO THE Chronicle for taking pictures of the Augusta Pride Parade and Festival. I was able to spot the businesses that support perversion in our community, and I won’t be visiting any of them.


RAVES TO THE FOLKS at the Evans bicycle shop Chain Reaction for their great help and service on Saturday! Even though the shop was closed, they reopened their doors and helped repair our malfunctioning bike rack. Furthermore, they refused any payment/compensation for work completed. It’s great to see such unselfish service this day and age.


HEY, COMMISSIONERS, you know the Augusta Animal Control director is a joke.


ENJOY THE PUBLIC fireworks shows, but please do not set them off at home. Be mindful of the soldiers who have returned with PTSD and the pets that are frightened by the noise. And be considerate of your neighbors. Just because fireworks are legal does not mean they are a good idea.


TO THE PEOPLE in Columbia County who did not vote in the primary election: Do you realize that you have allowed 20 percent of the population to choose your prospective leadership? You have another chance. Vote in the runoff on July 22. Don’t wait to vote in the November election to make your voice and your vote known. It is time to wake up.


Mon, 08/21/2017 - 22:42

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