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RANT TO NANCY Grace and Headline News for their yellow/outrageous behavior for telling a father that his missing son had been found in his basement. Grace, the producers and directors should all be fired for pulling a stunt like this! If there was ever a case of yellow journalism this one tops any reporting that has been called.


RANT TO THE ranter who says “expenses that are too high for pet care is the cause for the high kill rate at RCAS.” People who have pets should realize that there are expenses that go along with pet ownership, such as food, the required rabies vaccines and occasional vet care, at a minimum. If you cannot afford to give proper care to a pet, don’t get one.


THIS IS A RANT for the “gay pride” festival in Augusta. Perversion is not a civil right. You people need to repent before it is too late. Shame on all the “Christians” in the Augusta area who allow this to take place. We are all going to suffer for this.


ILLEGAL ALIENS, WITH the complete aid and blessing of the federal government, are now in full invasion mode. Hundreds of thousands of them are being shipped throughout the U.S. It’s only a matter of time before they begin to arrive here by the bus load. Disease, crime and overcrowding of our hospitals and schools will follow in their wake. Goodbye, American way of life.


TO THE RESIDENTS of Old Petersburg Road: The River Watch Parkway extension is a long-term mess. The good news is that soon enough there will be large volumes of traffic flowing rapidly through that area. The bad news is that soon enough there will be large volumes of traffic flowing rapidly through that area.


NEWS READERS ON TV, we can do without all the giggling, please.


RANT AGAINST ALL those people on welfare. I am sick of standing behind someone getting steaks and high-priced items and then pulling out their little welfare card while I have to eat bologna. I believe that all people on welfare should be drug-tested and that anyone on welfare for more than 12 months should lose the right to vote.


I HAD A GOOD laugh today. I spotted a vehicle with the bumper sticker Columbia County Democratic Party on it. Is the owner also a member of the Flat Earth Society?



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Rants and raves

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