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REGARDING THE LETTER to the editor about the child left in the car while the mother took an exam at Virginia College. I absolutely cannot believe that the writer thinks efforts should be made to find Virginia College to blame for any aspect of the sad event. The mother made a stupid decision to leave the child in the car. It is on her. Period. How can the school share any fault?


A RANT TO REAL estate agents who place signs on public space advertising homes for sale. It is inconsiderate, potentially dangerous because it impedes sight lines and unnecessary. A rave to the ones who place signs on the property of the home being sold.


HEY, WOW!, I AM not wowed every day or every other day to switch channels and see a “no data available” message.


THERE’S NO BETTER way to commemorate a year of fighting GOP extremism than giving now – everything you can – to join the fight and vote to help defeat the right wing.


DR. RIFFLE AT THE VA downtown is truly an excellent ophthalmologist and consummate professional in every sense of the word. He has been treating me successfully for glaucoma for more than 20 years in a caring and expert manner. Veterans are fortunate to have him directing the clinic in an outstanding manner.


SINCE HILLARY CLINTON now informs us that they were broke when they left the White House, we were extremely fortunate that the White House silver, and other items, were recovered before they went to the pawnshop.


HELLO, AUGUSTA Commission. Do you want to do something good for our county’s taxpayers? Fire the person at animal services. She is over her head.


AUGUSTA PRIDE weekend. Anything for a buck.


THE SUPREME COURT has just struck down recess appointments that President Obama made to the National Labor Relations Board as unconstitutional. Since Obama is a scholar and lawyer of the Constitution, shouldn’t he have known better? Or is this another case of blindly ignoring the law to get his own way?


THE STORY ABOUT the conditions at the animal shelter and follow-up rants and raves left the pages much too quickly. Other stories, boring and days old are still there. We need to keep this fire burning while we have the attention of the population, and hopefully those officials that can do something about it.



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Rants and raves

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