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REPUBLICAN opposition to Obama is rooted in racism.


REINALDO RIVERA IS sitting nice and fat at the prison on death row. He gets all his needs met, and then some. If he ever decides he doesn’t want to live and attempts suicide, he immediately gets moved to a high-priced crisis cell, given high-priced medication, and lives complete with air conditioning and 24-hour observation. You have no idea how well these scum bags are catered to in prison. And, all at your taxpayer expense!


WHAT HAS TO happen to bring about a change to the Interstate 20 state line bridge? It’s a deathtrap.


RANT TO WALTER Williams. Since you have no training in climate science, you should leave pronouncements on global warming to them.


IF YOU’RE IN SUCH a hurry to pull out from your side street in the morning without stopping, don’t be surprised if you’ve already been killed. Or worse, killed other people who were minding their own business.


I’M SURPRISED ABOUT black Democrats saving Mississippi Republican Sen. Thad Cochran.


SPORTS WRITERS, I know your main man, Tiger Woods, is back playing golf, but there are other players who deserve to be written about. Most people want to see pictures of other players doing well. Be fair and let all talent be written about. No more blathering about Woods.


WJBF TELEVISION watchers, it is not your television. They have very low volume on their station. You can’t hear what they are saying.


DON’T TAKE ANY pills that haven’t been on the market for seven years. I get good pills and bad pills, and they have wonderful information.


I HAD AN AUTOMOBILE wreck. I called 911, and the woman wanted to know what color my truck was, what was my tag number, what color was his truck, what was his tag number, how many people were in the truck. It doesn’t matter about all that; just send the policeman out and he can straighten all that out when he gets here. She said if I don’t cooperate she wouldn’t send anyone out. A policeman drove up and it took me three times to tell her that the police were already there. She was too busy asking me questions that didn’t have anything to do with anything she needed to know. Do they have people training them to ask stupid questions or do they do it on their own? That department needs to be looked at.


Wed, 08/23/2017 - 23:30

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