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HEADS UP EVERYONE traveling through the Gracewood community on Peach Orchard Road. Between the railroad tracks and Byrd Road several persons either pedestrians of those on bicycles have been hit by vehicles in recent years.


TO ADD TO THE comment regarding local TV news, the local radio news has issues, as well. I’ve heard them giving personal opinions about the president and other political situations (I’m not an Obama fan but these were pretty low). You have a great program without all of this, so stick with the family-friendly format and it’s all good!


I LIKE DRAG RACING like many other people but, for you guys out in south Richmond/north Burke County unloading those cars off trailers with uncapped headers Saturday night on the back road. That was a bit much.


RANT TO THE COLUMBIA County Commission. The school board builds schools, but the commission never funds for sidewalks (children’s safety). They use SPLOST discretionary funds for their pet projects. Bottom line: Pet projects funded and children’s safety zero. Been sending e-mails to Mr. Cross and Mr. Thigpen for two years.


I WOULD LIKE TO rant about government agencies not doing enough background checking before hiring. One of the government-funded child protective agencies has a case worker who had to use political pull several years ago to keep her own children. Ironic - isn’t it?


WISH YOUR WORKPLACE dress code article addressed attire in our local hospitals. Either supervisors don’t care, don’t want to be confronted by indignant employees, or they just feel other things need their energy. Long fake fingernails and eyelashes, multi-colored hair, and ill-fitting or low-cut uniforms are all unprofessional especially in patient care.


RAVE FOR THE editorial about the real crisis, June 23, Obama’s plans to create a socialist America. If you haven’t read it yet, you should. It effects every one of us. People are finally admitting this is what’s going on. We cannot continue to sit and wait. It is here.


WE NEED SOMEONE to turn the pound into a department that will save animals, not kill them. People are offering help. What is wrong with this picture?



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Rants and raves

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